How We Serve


Using our unique technology and "bright idea" system we can find and produse solutions for your most challenging issues so you can focus on what matters.


Through our network of experts and coaches we offer training and education to help businesses, government and organizations excel where needed.


Through nature and our extensive network of healers, life, wellness and health coaches we offer many services to help heal and restore the mind, body and spirit your greatest assets.


On special occassions we offer financial assistance in the form of small grants to help women and veterans who are in need.


Through our advisors we offer consulting to leaders and organizations to help them lead with better solutions to help them progress and grow.


War and conflicts are major deterants to growth and progress and we seek to end them whereever they arise. Our experts work diligently to find win win solutions and bring peace where there is a need.

Frequently Asked Question

What Are We?

We are an NGO created to help produce solutions to some of our most difficult problems.

Who do we serve?

We serve mostly leaders and people in power whose work affects the greater collective but from time to time serve smaller groups or individuals on a case by case bases.

What do we do?

We serve mainly through consultation and training but from time to time provide direct services through contractors.

Do you charge fees?

Our fee structure is based on donation bases but on some occasions where there is a need for very specific talent that comes at a cost we charge for that.

Are you global or local?

We are based in Arizona and california and are working on growing beyond both states to become global.