operation exodus.
Knowthyself, discover what you really are.

BY FAR THE MOST IMPORTANT PART OF THE STRUGGLE FOR FREEDOM IS DISCOVERING WHO AND WHAT YOU REALLY ARE, nothing else. Without first discovering who and what you really are all attempts to become free will be in vain.

Your true identity is the key to your power and whenever you are separated from your true identity you lose your power. My quest in this short tutorial is to teach you how important your true identity is to spark your interest and guide you towards discovering yourself. Because your ability to become free and remain free depends on it.

In order to become really free its vital that you become educated and well informed so your quest for freedom may be successful. Of all that we all seek to achieve in life there is nothing more important than freedom, and this training is to help you achieve that from where you are.

remember who you really are and forget everything you've been brainwashed to believe you are by those who want to keep you in bondage.

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