Becoming One is the process of awakening your higher self so it can unify your mind, body and spirit. That process begins with Illumination, the first step towards spiritual awakening. This program illuminates your reality and reveals the truth to you so you can gain clarity and make the right moves. I offer two versions; an online course you can access by enrolling using the button below and a guided program that’s part of operation exodus.

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Through the free course you’ll learn all about the life giving power of this world we call the Sun and how important it is. You’ll learn about the most important pieces of our current reality and how they affect you and everyone. The course serves as a flshlight of sorts to guide you through the dark so you may learn important truths required for you become more awake.

It reveals the TRUE IDENTITY and nature of the Life giving power of this solar system and life itself known as the Sun.

It reveals the true nature of light within and how it operates in this reality and beyond.

It illuminates life in vivid colors and opens your eyes so you can "see the light" and not be led astray.

It illuminates your mind, body and spirit, sets them free from ignorance and guides you to the truth.