This course will be provided on a weekly basis with a new chapter released every 7 days, depending on the number of people enrolled. This part covers the basics of the brain, its main functions and how it relates to the mind.

No matter what anybody says anywhere, in order to gain control and mastery over your mind you must first know what the brain and the mind are and how they both operate. In addition to that you must also take the time to practice the steps that will allow you to gain control over your mind, the most important steps are outlined in the videos below.

Self Mastery 101.1

This chapter is all about the the BRAIN and the Mind, their basic anatomy, what they are, how the two relate and how to gain access to them to begin the process of gaining full control over both so you can cultivate them properly.

Contrary to popular misinformation being spread by those who are mindless who claim that the mind is a hinderance to your growth and should be ignored, the mind is the most important piece of your journey towards growth. It is your greatest asset when cultivated properly to become mindful, and your worst enemy when ignored and you become mindless (out of control).

The remedy for mindlessness, the source of most human dysfuntions, isnt to ignore your mind, but to cultivate it so you can become mindful. Our mission here is to help you achieve just that.

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